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GasBank Duo Set of 2 x 7.5kg Light Refillable Gas Bottles with Separate Inlet/Outlet (Filling Pipes Included)

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  • GasBank Duo Set of 2 x 7.5kg Light Refillable Gas Bottles with Separate Inlet/Outlet (Filling Pipes Included)
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GasBank Duo Set of 2 x 7.5kg light composite gas bottles with remote filling system

The final price depends on the selected options below.
The base price is for a cylinder with fully fitted valves on top and filling pipes with fittings. It does not come with any other accessories unless options are selected.

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Install once and enjoy your journey

GasBank is an ultralight composite LPG gas cylinder with 80% overfilling protection valve (OPD). Gas cylinders that can be refilled at LPG stations. Perfect for camping, cooking, BBQ, heating at home, caravan, motorhome, boat, industrial burners and/or any application where a standard LPG cylinder can be used. Great feature of our bottle is separate inlet and outlet. You can easily and safely refuel the cylinder basically without any interference, with no disconnecting/connecting.

Made of a super lightweight composite material cylinder is light, very durable and meets high safety requirements.

Safe LPG filling throughout Europe

The cylinder is equipped with a certified gas multivalve with separate inlet and outlet which makes bottle real easy to refill.

Safety features

The GasBank valve, unlike the valves in standard LPG cylinders, has a unique OPD system that allows for safe filling at any LPG station. The automatic OPD (Overfill Protection) valve automatically stops filling when the gas level reaches 80%.

How to fill the DUO bottle?

DUO cylinders can be refilled by the remote refueling valve or adapters screwed directly onto the cylinder.

How does the DUO cylinder work?

DUO cylinders have separate inlets and outlets, so they can be refilled without disconnecting from the installation and can be connected to each other to increase the total capacity.

Do I have to disconnect the output in GasBank DUO while refilling gas?

It is not necessary to disconnect the DUO cylinder from the system during filling, it is recommended to close the outlet valve (blue), but it is not necessary.

Eurotunnel restrictions

Complete legal information is available here:

Composite cylinders are allowed in Eurotunnel:

If travelling with a campervan, caravan or any other vehicle fitted with cooking facilities, any flammable gas container must be declared when asked and will be checked at the appropriate checkpoint by Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

Flammable gas containers may be transported with the following restrictions:

  • For portable containers (cylinders/bottles, etc): Maximum of 47kg per cylinder and no more than 50kg per Vehicle if more than 1 container;
  • For fixed containers (tanks): Maximum of 47kg per container and no more than 50kg per Vehicle if more than 1 container.
  • Fixed containers must be no more than 80% full. The capacity of the container will be checked by Eurotunnel staff.


Bottle specification

 7.5kg Cylinder
Height (mm) 490
Diameter (mm) 310
Empty Weight (kg) 4.65
LPG Capacity (approx litres) 14.5
Propane Capacity (kg) 7.5
Water Content (L) 18.2

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