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GasBank DUO Refillable Gas Cylinders - Ultimate gas bottles for your motorhome

GasBank DUO Refillable Gas Cylinders - Ultimate gas bottles for your motorhome

Who's not enough of swapping out your replaceable heavy steel gas bottles over and over again? Carrying back and forth. Struggling with exchange points abroad. Different valves or clip-ons can drive us crazy, when you should be enjoying a trip or vacation in other countries.

Refillable gas bottles are a great upgrade of your camping life, as we still have a lot of gas appliances onboard. Amongst all the solutions we can honestly say that we have found the best one.

Ultra-light composite & external filling point

GasBank DUO bottles allow you to take advantage of featherweight gas cylinders. What's equally important, the system can be fitted on the body of the campervan. In practice, this allows you to refuel without interference, with no disconnecting/connecting. The same filling point and set of adapters covering all the EU countries. Simple as that!

Never run out of gas

You can refill the bottle yourself at the LPG forecourt. 80% Overfill Protection shut-off valve will cut the gas flow off during the filling. Also, you can top up the bottle even if it's not entirely empty.

Size for everyone

GasBank DUO is available in 3 versions:

5kg -- 7.5kg -- 11kg

Importantly, you can freely connect two cylinders, increasing the capacity of the system.


GasBank is a perfect alternative to the standard heavy gas bottles. It saves you money every time you fill it up with LPG. That's the super convenient alternative to heavy gas bottles.

Summarizing, choosing GasBank DUO you will gain the effortless gas system in your motorhome. You save weight and the external filling point makes the installation maintenance-free. Apart from the convenience, you're going to be quids in saving on each refill. Sounds good? I bet it does!

9th May 2024 LPG Shop

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