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GasBank SLIM Kevlar and LS Bottle to All Europe Adapters Set with Pouch

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  • GasBank SLIM Kevlar and LS Bottle to All Europe Adapters Set
  • GasBank SLIM Kevlar and LS Bottle to All Europe Adapters Set
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GasBank SLIM Kevlar and GasBank LS to All Europe LPG Filling Adapters SET with Pouch

Filling adapters to use on GasBank SLIM Kevlar and GasBank LS bottles, set contains 3 adapters which cover all Europe and USA. Those adapters are left hand thread and they are intended to screw directly into the bottle inlet.

Set contains:

  1. GasBank to ACME Adapter: to use in Holland, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, USA
  2. GasBank to EURO Connector Adaptor: to use in Spain, Portugal
  3. GasBank to Dish Adapter: to use in France, Italy, Poland, Eastern Europe, Greece and the Balkans


Adapters by countries

Albania Dish adapter
Algeria Dish adapter
Australia ACME adapter
Austria ACME and Dish adapter
Belarus Dish adapter
Belgium ACME adapter
Bosnia and Herzegovina Dish adapter
Bulgaria Dish adapter
Canada ACME adapter
Chile ACME adapter
Croatia Dish adapter
Czech Republic Dish adapter
Denmark Bayonet and Dish adapter
Estonia Dish adapter
France Dish adapter
Germany ACME adapter
Greece Dish adapter
Hungary Dish adapter
India Dish adapter
Ireland ACME adapter
Italy Dish adapter
Kosovo Dish adapter
Latvia Dish adapter
Liechtenstein ACME adapter
Lithuania Dish adapter
Luxembourg ACME adapter
Malta Dish adapter
Moldova Dish adapter
Montenegro Dish adapter
Netherlands Bayonet adapter
New Zealand Bayonet adapter
North Macedonia Dish adapter
Norway Bayonet and Dish adapter
Poland Dish adapter
Portugal Dish and Euro adapter
Romania Dish adapter
Russia Dish adapter
San Marino Dish adapter
Serbia Dish adapter
Slovakia Dish adapter
Slovenia Dish adapter
Spain Bayonet and Euro adapter
Sweden Dish adapter
Switzerland ACME and Dish adapter
Turkey Dish adapter
Ukraine Dish adapter
United Kingdom Bayonet adapter
United States of America ACME adapter

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