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GasBank SLIM 5 kg Kevlar - LPG Refillable Gas Cylinder

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  • GasBank SLIM 5 kg Kevlar - LPG Refillable Gas Cylinder
  • GasBank SLIM 5 kg Kevlar - LPG Refillable Gas Cylinder
  • GasBank SLIM 5 kg Kevlar - LPG Refillable Gas Cylinder
  • GasBank SLIM 5 kg Kevlar - LPG Refillable Gas Cylinder
  • GasBank SLIM 5 kg Kevlar - LPG Refillable Gas Cylinder
  • GasBank SLIM 5 kg Kevlar - LPG Refillable Gas Cylinder
  • GasBank SLIM 5 kg Kevlar - LPG Refillable Gas Cylinder
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GasBank Single SLIM 5kg Kevlar - Refillable LPG Gas Cylinder - Lightweight Composite with Overfill Protection Valve 

Our technology uses ultra strong Aramide fibers (also know under trade names Kevlar or Twaron). The selection of Aramide over glass fiber is driven by performance and durability. Looking at specific strength it even beats carbon fibers and you need 10 times more glass fiber to get the same strength. But it's not only strong, also processing Aramide fiber at high speeds is relatively easy. Last but not least, the fatigue life of Aramide compared to glass fibers is much better. It's not only the type of fiber but also how to wind them on the liner. And here lies one of the most spectacular innovation; the fibres are processed dry and stay in position by winding them in pure geodetic patterns. As a result of this the complete cylinder survives enormous deformations when exposed to high impact loading.

GasBank Single SLIM

Refillable gas cylinder for LPG storage uded for BBQ, camping, cooking, heating at home, on campervan, caravan, motorhome, boat, for industrial burners and blowtorches or any application where the standard LPG bottle can be used. 

Cylinder is made from lightweight composite material for durability and high protection demands, net weight of 11KG cylinder is only 5.51KG.

Cylinder is equipped with most common in Europe G12 inlet - outlet valve with rubber sealing, known also as KLF - Kleinflashe (G.12). Valve thread is W 21.8 x 1/14 lh. This type of valve is used in countries such as: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Valve in opposite to standard bottles have unique build in OPD device to make safe refilling at any LPG station possible.  

Automatic OPD valve (Overfill Protection Device) which automatically stops refilling pump when the gas level reaches 80%.

Cylinders with refilling adapters for different countries are available on the website as a different products. 

All GasBank cylinders are designed and produced in accordance with Directive 2010/35/UE. They all have the π safety mark issued by TÜV

Main advantages of composite cylinder:

  • Safe refuelling propane butane cylinder for cooking, heating and many more, thanks to overfill protection valve
  • Ultra low weight
  • No rust
  • Great look
  • Cleaning and painting is not required 

Bottle specification

GasBank SLIM 5kg Cylinder
Height (mm) 495
Diameter (mm) 230
Empty Weight (kg) 4.1
LPG Capacity (approx litres) 9.76
Propane Capacity (kg) 5
Water Content (L) 12.2


when using GasBank Slim cylinder it is good to know that you save an amazing 71% of CO2 compared to a steel equivalent. And this is even if we leave out the recycling of the SLIM cylinder (which is 100%!). The main drivers for such a low impact on the environment are:
Zero emission and waste during production
80% weight reduction compared to steel
Maintenance free (no corrosion, no repainting)
Fully recyclable (the only composite technology offering this)

Energy footprint

The very efficient production process, which does not need any heating or cooling cycles is completely emission free and results in an energy reduction of over 80% compared to a steel or conventional composite technology. This technology is the most environmental friendly technology for storing and transorting comppressed gasses. By far.

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