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Prins eVP-500 Electronic Reducer 500HP

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  • Prins eVP-500 Electronic Reducer 500HP
  • Prins eVP-500 Electronic Reducer 500HP AFC 2
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Prins eVP-500 Electronic Reducer 500HP

The Prins electronic Variable Pressure (eVP) reducer is a patented state of the art product ready to transform the LPG market. Not only does the Prins electronic Variable Pressure reducer surpass competitors in terms of capacity (eVP-500 supports 400-500hp), it also extends the benefits of an electronically controlled system like the VSI system by bringing the possibility to fully control the system pressure.

To convert new, extremely downsized DI engines the need to dynamically vary the system pressure in the LPG system becomes much more urgent.

The Prins electronic Variable Pressure Reducer is able to continuously adjust the system pressure to the demands of the VSI system by use of smart algorithms.

Main advantages:

  • Unique, patented, next-generation concept
  • High performance (>300kW / 400-500hp) even at lower coolant temperatures.
  • Fully dynamic output pressure (0 – 5.5 Bar)
  • Pressure adjustment via software
  • No pressure loss even at higher flows
  • No fuel cut-off pressure peaks
  • No pressure drift over time
  • Compact design (slightly larger than a soft drink can)
  • All connections made in the same direction for easy routing of hoses and cables
  • Durable light-weight plastic housing
  • No diaphragm (no humming, no diaphragm rupture)
  • Replaceable filter (easily accessible from top)
  • No MAP connection required
  • Standard coolant temperature sensor
  • Integrated safety pressure relief valve
  • Pressure reducer also acts as lock-off valve


Type Single stage electronic LPG pressure reducer
Fuel type Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
Environment Engine compartment
Weight 800g
Dimensions Ø56mm x 142mm
Input pressure (Abs.) 300-2500 kPa
Output pressure (Abs.) 0 -550 kPa/0-5 Bar , adjustable (software limited between 50-350kPa/0.5-3.5Bar)
Fuel flow rate >100 kg/h at 60°C ECT and 50 liter/min coolant flow
Pressure relieve valve 585 ±50 kPa ( R67-01)
Operating temperatures -40 to +125°C
Gas inlet Different inlet adapters to support all markets
Gas outlet 16 mm hose connection (11/12 mm variant also available)
Coolant connections (2x) 16mm hose connection
MAP Reference Not required
Certifcation R67-01 approved
Temperature sensor type  R-NTC at 20˚C is 2500Ω

Reducer works only with Prins AFC Software v2 and newer. Detailed instructions available upon request.

Prins product number: 180/030001/C


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