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LNG Refueling Gun 50 gpm with Hanging Loop and Hose Adapter 1" male JIC

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  • LNG-Refueling-Gun-50 gpm-with-Hanging-Loop and-Hose-Adapter-1-inch-male-JIC
  • LNG Refueling Gun 50 gpm with Hanging Loop and Hose Adapter 1" male JIC
  • LNG-Refueling-Gun-50 gpm-with-Hanging-Loop and-Hose-Adapter-1-inch-male-JIC
  • LNG-Refueling-Gun-50 gpm-with-Hanging-Loop and-Hose-Adapter-1-inch-male-JIC
  • LNG-Refueling-Gun-50 gpm-with-Hanging-Loop and-Hose-Adapter-1-inch-male-JIC-inside
  • LNG-Refueling-Gun-50 gpm-with-Hanging-Loop and-Hose-Adapter-1-inch-male-JIC
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LNG Refueling Gun 50 gpm

Cryogenic LNG refueling gun DN 25. 

Main features

  • Compliance with ISO 16924 (LNG refueling stations for vehicles) and ISO 12617 (Road vehicles - LNG refueling connector).
  • Complies with ASME B31.3.
  • Long-life materials minimize wear and extend the life of major components such as latches and rods
  • Includes a double sealed hose adapter with a metal reusable primary seal and a secondary PTFE o-ring for a tight connection to the LNG hose.
  • Each nozzle undergoes extensive factory testing prior to shipment.
  • Heavy duty gun hanger bracket included.


  • Weight: 5.44 kg
  • Length with handles detached: 16½".
  • Process connection (with adapter): 1" SAE 37 ° flare fitting


  • Nominal Flow Rate - 50 GPM
  • Operating Temperature: -320° F to + 185° F
  • MAWP: 500 psi
  • Factory tested:
  • All nozzles are subjected to extensive NAC factory testing using air and cryogenic nitrogen.
  • Full functional tests with cryogenic nitrogen are performed through 1,000 connection / disconnection cycles.
  • Hydrostatic and leakage tests are performed at ambient temperatures and -40 ° F

Hose adapter

  • Supplied as standard for all nozzles
  • Unique double seal with metal seal and O-ring
  • Reusable gaskets for multiple connections
  • The brass adapter does not damage the nozzle threads and prevents clogging of the nozzle

Nozzle hanger bracket

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Attached to the nozzle with stainless steel mounting screws
  • Double mounting options

Compatible with competing refueling nozzles

  • Spring-powered seals made of advanced materials for longer life
  • Latch components including locks, latch shafts, and springs
  • Poppet seals and sleeves
  • Latches and rods are manufactured from high-strength materials and have proven to be more durable than competing components
  • Rods

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