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JLM Valve Saver Fluid 1 Liter Can

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  • valve protection fluid for autogas lpg cng converted engines
  • valve protection fluid for autogas lpg cng converted engines
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JLM Valve Saver Fluid 1 Liter - NEW metal can


Valve protection fluid for engines with autogas LPG systems installed, protects against excessive worn out of valve seats and valves.

LPG gas due to higher octane value than petrol has slightly higher burning temperature which may cause faster worn out of the valves and valves seats.

JLM fluid for valves protection is dedicated to be used together with installed valve saver kits such as JLM, ESGI, Flash Lube, BRC, Prins.




Prevent breakdowns and high repair costs with JLM Valve Saver Fluid. As the name suggests, the components of petrol engines are designed for running on petrol. Thanks to the financial and environmental advantages, many cars on the road also have a gas system. LPG or natural gas only combusts in the engine at much higher temperatures than petrol. This means that the components in an LPG engine are more heavily loaded than components that run on petrol alone.


Petrol contains lubricating and cooling ingredients to protect the components in the engine. Autogas is cleaner than petrol because it does not contain any lubricating ingredients. The result is that components such as valves and valve seats that come into contact with gas are not or are insufficiently lubricated and cooled and therefore become worn much more quickly.


JLM has developed Valve Saver Fluid especially for cars that run on LPG and to protect the parts of the engine. JLM Valve Saver Fluid contains a high concentration of lubricating, cleaning and cooling additives and thereby offers the best protection against excessive wear.


JLM Valve Saver Fluid is manufactured and continuously improved to standards from the latest state of the art in the motor vehicle industry. The latest and most highly advanced additives packages in our Valve Saver Fluid clean and protect not only the intake valve and valve seat, but also the exhaust valve and seat.


JLM Valve Saver Fluid has been developed by experts with more than 40 years' experience in the LPG industry. Valve Saver Fluid is suitable for use in the JLM Electronic Valve Saver Kit and most other dosing systems. Tests have shown that continuous use of JLM Valve Saver Fluid provides optimal protection against excessive valve wear.


 In the past, petrol contained lead to lubricate the engine components. Lead is a toxic substance and its use is no longer permitted. The lubricating and cleaning effect of JLM Valve Saver Fluid is ideally suited for providing the lubrication that your valuable, old car requires.


JLM Valve Saver Fluid has been independently tested and approved in practice and in the laboratories of the TÜV and the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft {University of Applied Sciences} in Saarbrücken (HTW).




JLM has upgraded the packaging of its universal Valve Saver Fluid top-up solution for owners of LPG cars and has made available new Point Of Sale (POS) material. The black plastic 0.5 litre and 1 litre bottles will make way for tins that are printed on using lithography. The new packaging and POS material will be available from mid-November onwards.

JLM Valve Saver Fluid protects and cleans the intake and exhaust valves and valve seats of cars that run on LPG and in old cars works as a substitute for the lead lubricant that is no longer part of car fuels. JLM Valve Saver Fluid is suitable for use with all Valve Saver Kit brands in all cars. In addition, Valve Saver Fluid cleans the fuel system and the entire intake system of cars and it can help to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of harmful gases.

Over the past five years, hundreds of thousands of black plastic bottles of 0.5 litre and 1 litre Valve Saver Fluid have found their way to owners of LPG cars. However, the number of brands using similar packaging to profit from JLM's reputation for quality is on the rise. This has prompted us to rebrand the packaging to make our product stand out even better to owners of LPG cars, LPG installers, car dealers and motor factors.


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    Excellent price and delivery!

    Posted by Hendreforgan on 3rd Feb 2021

    We have a Prins Valve Care system fitted to their LPG system on our Honda Stepwgn and have always bought their VSI Valve Care lubrication, however each time we bought a 500 ml bottle it was dearer. Looking for an alternative we stumbled on the LPG Shop who sold us a 1000 ml can of JLM Valve Saver Fluid which worked out at £10.00 LESS than the 500 ml Prins VSI!

    Not only that but it arrived Recorded Delivery less than 48 hours after order and very well packed too!

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    Posted by Elita Dudareva on 10th May 2017

    good, it is necessary