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6CYL ECU: LPGTech Tech-326 (non OBD)

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  • LPGTECH 326 non obd lpg 6 Cylinder ECU Controller for Autogas LPG CNG Conversion
  • LPGTECH TECH-326 - 6CYLINDER LPG/CNG ECU Controller Wiring Harness Loom
  • LPGTECH TECH-326 - 6CYLINDER VapourPhase Gas Filter
  • LPGTECH TECH-326 - 6CYLINDER LPG/CNG ECU Controller Accessories
  • LPGTECH TECH-326 - 6CYLINDER LPG/CNG ECU Controller Petrol - Gas Switch
  • LPGTECH TECH-326 - 6CYLINDER LPG/CNG ECU Controller Switch
  • LPGTECH TECH-326 - 6CYLINDER LPG/CNG ECU Controller Gas Pressure Sensor
  • LPGTECH TECH-326 - 6CYLINDER LPG/CNG ECU Controller Gas Level Sensor
  • LPGTECH-316 6 Cylinder Conversion Kit Diagram
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LPGTECH TECH-326 (non OBD) - 6CYLINDER LPG/CNG ECU Controller - 5 years warranty!

Product Include:

  1. LPGTECH-326 ECU Controller
  2. Wiring Loom
  3. LPGTECH PTS-01 Pressure and Temperature Integrated Sensor
  4. TECHLevel Hall Level Sender Sensor with wirng
  5. LPG/Petrol Switch (with plug connector)
  6. LPG Vapour Phase Filter 12mm IN/ 2x12mm OUT 
  7. M5 Reducer Temperature Sensor, Vacuum Nozzle, Accessories



LPGTECH is a producer of highest quality LPG/CNG Controllers and Autogas Accessories. Based on many years of experience in the LPG business, engineers decided to design modern and possibly the most perfect control unit. The result of research and long testing are LPGTECH controllers present at global markets over 3 years. After that time reliability connected with build in protections are so high so manufacturer decided to give 5 years warranty for LPGTECH ECU’s. Very modern software with sophisticated algorithms allow precise, automatic calibration with autoadaptation of  ECU to the conditions and engine load so LPGTECH ECU’s are very easy to install but offers as well ability to manual set and interference in almost all parameters of the controller for experienced users. So no matter whether you are an experienced or first time installer LPGTECH will ensure optimal performance. LPGTECH product range next to the controllers include modern LPG/CNG Dragon injectors, LPG filters, Bluetooth interfaces, Hall Level Senders and other accessories so company can compete successfully in the difficult Polish market with such manufacturers as KME, STAG, AG Centrum but also boosts worldwide markets.



LPGTECH TECH-320 Series Features:

  • LPG/CNG injection controller
  • Automatic OBD adaptation
  • Automatic, intelligent OBD data trouble codes erasing
  • Automatic, real time LPG/CNG injection time correction based on petrol ECU parameters readed via OBD bus.
  • OBD mapping while driving without PC connection need
  • OBD scanner function – OBD parameters, data trouble codes reading and erasing
  • Support up to 4/6/8 cylinders – depends on controller version
  • Ability to work in MASTER/SLAVE mode for up to 16 cylinder support
  • TECH alghoritm + automatic correction system (adaptation)
  • Configurating software with TECH and STANDARD option
  • Self-diagnostic system
  • Supported OBD protocols: CAN (11/500; 29/500; 11/250; 29/500), ISO 14230 slow, ISO 14230 fast, ISO 9141 
    (using the same wires for CAN and ISO)
  • Short-circuit and thermal protection
  • Aluminium case


The heart of every LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas) and CNG (Compressed natural gas) installation is its computer (the ECU). The TECH controllers in our offer are equipped with the high capacity microprocessors and based on the most technologically advanced solutions. The components we use for our controllers, come from the known and trusted manufacturers with guaranty of the highest quality and durability.Safety was one of our main concerns during the design and construction process of our controllers. Effects of this are the system overloading prevention and short circuts safety and the control system monitoring further assuring the proper installation.The TECH controllers guaranty exceptional performance with minimum effort from the installers.


The brain of every ECU is its software. Our software is constantly innovated to suite the newest and most demanding engines on the market today. Thanks to our software, the TECH controllers can automatically and independently conduct the whole calibration and adaptation of the injection timing to its best levels. Our software as well allows easy manual settings and corrections however, the automatic regulation assures the optimal fuel usage in all range which can directly impact the fuel consumption by lowering it up to 10 – 15%.


About TECH-320 OBD

TECH 320 OBD is a microprocessor-based controller using traditional 56-pin wiring harness. These controllers are designed to operate with4/6/8 cylinders engines (depends on version). Also Also there is ability parallel connection of two controllers in a MASTER/SLAVE mode, this helps to extend number of supported cylinders up to 16. Compact case, 190 x 125 x 30 mm, helps with fitting controller in a modern, built-up engine compartments.

TECH 320 OBD family providing the same functions and security features like a TECH 320 family, ensuring excellent quality and performance. In addition, the TECH 320 OBD can communicate with can OBD protocols like: CAN (11/500; 29/500; 11/250; 29/500), ISO 14230 slow, ISO 14230 fast, ISO 9141. Connection with car OBD system is is using only two wires regardless of protocol. Another advantage is the possibility to use the controller to read, erase diagnostic trouble codes and reading all engine parameters like a standard OBD scanner.

TECH 320 OBD series has automatic DTC erasing function (up to 8), after fault code, stored in table „ codes to delete”, comes on controller automaticly clear petrol ECU memory. In other case, when readed code doesn’t exist in the table, controller would’t clear faults memory to alert the driver about problem in engine system.

After connection with car OBD system TECH 320 OBD will pick up and save in table fuel trim values on petrol and gas. OBD adaptation, based on this data, self-adjust mixture composition to reach perfect instalation calibration. This ensure convenient autogas system operation.


The signature of the TECH controllers is the auto-correction system. The auto-correction system constantly monitors gas injectors and if necessary, corrects the injection times. The injection correction is done in real time and it mirrors the petrol injection times which assures the most optimal performance of your LPG installation.


  • LPG/CNG injection controller

  • Suitable for 6 cylinder engines

  • Auto-diagnostic detection of errors and installation flaws

  • The TECH + system of automatic correction (auto-adaptation)

  • Full protection from power shortage and power overload

  • Configuration software with TECH & STANDARD option

  • Aluminum casing


TECH controllers – common functions:


  • TECH ALGORITHM – -the advanced gas control algorithm eliminates the need to prepare the multiplier map and adjusts gas controlling to modern car’s highest standards
  • STANDARD ALGORITHM – commonly used gas control algorithm requiring setting the gas injection time multiplier at multipoint
  • Adaptation – automatic multiplier adjustment according to petrol map of injection times
  • LPG & CNG petrol
  • Petrol injectors emulator
  • Automatic system calibration
  • Automatic switch-over to gas
  • Automatic switch-over to petrol after gas running out
  • Automatic calibration of gas level sensor
  • Automatic detection of injection type
  • Ability to adjust the dose according to rpm/engine load table
  • Ability to adjust the dose according to reducer temperature
  • Ability to adjust the dose according to gas temperature/td>
  • Ability to adjust the dose according to gas pressure
  • Ability to modify the flow and opening time of gas injectors
  • Ability to pick up rpm signal from camshaft position sensor
  • Ability of permanent gas injector switch off (useful in case of injector fault)
  • Ability to send osciloscope file directly to technical support using one-click function in application
  • Visualisation of ECU injections on petrol and gas
  • Handling for UNICODE – multilingual controlling aplication
  • Cooperation with standard and turbocharged engines
  • Sequential, Semi-sequential and FullGroup handling
  • Cooperation with any type of gas injectors
  • Cooperation with any type of gas level sensor
  • Cooperation with wireless interface communication – BLUTECH
  • Gas injectors heating
  • Possibility to determine maximum engine load when working on gas
  • Gas pressure reducing function
  • Function reminding about gas installation inspection
  • “Quick start” function
  • 3D gas and petrol maps
  • Full anti-short circuit and overload protection
  • Oscilloscope to preview work parameters of gas installation
  • Feature “RPM signal filter” – *O


Differences between TECH controllers
Function name TECH 224 TECH 304 TECH 326/328
Number of supported cylinders 1-4 1-4 1-6/8
Main connector – numer of pins (see main connector 48 pins or 56 pins) 48 56 56
Increased precision of the gas injection time calculating
Fuel pressure emulator *E
Controller temperature sensor
Support for two oxygen sensors
Freeze frame support
Additional slide bar
Non-volatile errors memory
Aluminum case
Composite case


*E – controllers with integrated fuel pressure emulator


*O – This function has been introduced along with the development of drivers. Early production lots do not have this feature. Currently, all TECH controllers are equipped with the  “RPM signal filter”.



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24 months warranty. Easy swap.
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