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Vialle LSi: Fuel Line Set (B)

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Vialle LSi: Fuel Line Set (B)

Set of two liquid gas pipes for Vialle LSi Autogas System: LPG Feeding pipe and LPG return pipe.


General description

The LiquidSi system uses 2 flexible fuel lines of 7.5 metres each. One fuel line is intended for the supply of fuel to the injectors and the other as a return line from the injectors to the tank. Each fuel line has 1 banjo connector crimped onto it. The other end of the fuel line can be cut to the required length after it is fitted under the car.  


The fuel lines are of a special thermoplastic compound and can resist very high pressures. The thermoplastic compound acts as an insulator and prevents the heating of the fuel which is very important for good filling performance, therefore no other fuel lines should be used.


Fit the fuel lines under body of the vehicle according to the local regulations. Use the supplied clamps and screws to secure the fuel lines.  

Use the preventions stated below to install the fuel lines:

  • Prevent fuel lines to touch or scrape sharp objects
  • Keep a minimum distance of 10 [cm] to sources of heat
  • Fuel lines cannot be the lowest point of the vehicle, there must always be an object of the vehicle lower to the ground.
  • The distance between clips securing the fuel line to the bottom of the car should never exceed 30 [cm]
  • Prevent sharp bends, minimum radius should always be at least 5 [cm]
  • Prevent tension in the fuel line



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